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Maryland Agricultural Highlights – December 2019

Farmer Training and Certification Courses Offered The Maryland Department of Agriculture and University of Maryland Extension will offer farmer training and certification workshops for farmers who want to become certified by the department to write nutrie

Zbones Discovers Additional Eardrums In Humans!

ST. LOUIS - -- zBones, maker of the popular wireless, Bluetooth, "bone conduction" headphones that allow the user to listen in clear stereo to their preferred audio entertainment while maintaining environmental awareness, has discovered that humans...

Aldo Dinelli, Houston's Top Celebrity Jeweler - Talks Diamonds

HOUSTON - -- Securing an interview with Hollywood Jeweler, Aldo Dinelli, "The New 6 Million Dollar Man" was not an easy task. Dinelli has a known preference for avoiding the press, and in true Hollywood fashion, he was the jeweler everyone was clamoring..