This Summer, Eat Like a Marylander! 

ANNAPOLIS, MD (July 1, 2024) ~ Annapolis, MD - The Maryland Department of Agriculture's Maryland's Best program has launched a new campaign called "Eat Like a Marylander!" to promote the consumption of fresh and iconic Maryland foods. The campaign, which began on July 1, 2024, aims to encourage both residents and visitors to support local farmers and watermen by choosing locally grown produce and protein.

According to Maryland Department of Agriculture Secretary Kevin Atticks, the campaign is timely as summer is the perfect season to enjoy the abundance of delicious foods that Maryland has to offer. "From crabs to watermelon, sweet corn to oysters, Maryland has so many sweet and savory items so you too can eat like a Marylander," said Atticks.

The "Eat Like a Marylander!" campaign will be promoted through various platforms such as billboards, video spots at movie theaters, digital programming, and social media. All these efforts will lead back to the campaign's website where people can find information about local restaurants, retailers, farmers markets, on-farm experiences, summer recipes, and more.

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One of the main goals of this campaign is to support local businesses and create job opportunities for residents. By choosing locally grown food, consumers also contribute to reducing carbon emissions as there is less transportation involved. Additionally, eating food that is grown in Maryland ensures freshness and peak flavor.

Before heading out for a meal or gathering around the grill with family and friends this summer, the public is encouraged to visit to find restaurants and retailers near them that serve locally grown produce and protein. The website also features a list of on-farm experiences for those looking for a unique dining experience. From juicy burgers made with locally raised beef to indulging in sweet treats from the Ice Cream Trail, there are plenty of options for everyone who wants to eat like a true Marylander.

For more information about the "Eat Like a Marylander!" campaign or the Maryland's Best Program, interested individuals can contact Director of Special Projects Kristin Hanna at Let's support our local farmers and watermen this summer by choosing to eat like a Marylander!

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