The Next Generation of HVAC Vents - Powered by Artificial Intelligence!

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ROCKVILLE, Md. - Marylandian -- Let's suppose that there are two rooms (A and B) in an HVAC zone and the thermostat is located in Room A. Further suppose that, while the HVAC is running, Room A reaches the set temperature sooner than Room B. Because the thermostat is in Room A, the HVAC stops running -- Room B is still uncomfortable. Micro HVAC zoning is mostly prohibitive due to cost, complexity, and a variety of other reasons (e.g., rental properties or businesses in commercial buildings). On the other hand, existing smart vents are complex to set up and use, not adequate for commercial buildings, and require additional devices, such as smart thermostats, additional sensor modules, and smart hubs. Therefore, not scalable and not applicable to a wide spectrum of customers. Tequalizers are "simply drop-in & forget" solution requiring no additional devices or complicated human involvements. Tequalizers autonomously work together to equalize temperature everywhere in the HVAC zone.

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Tequalizers are the embedded damper control technology inside the HVAC vent covers (housings) and represent the functionality of the next generation of HVAC supply vents powered by collaborative artificial intelligence. Tequalizers are applicable to both residential and commercial buildings in various housings. is a team of three seasoned scientists and engineers in the US. is looking for sample requests and partnership calls from interested businesses.

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