TBI Guy's Learnin' Lessons: Dealing with Bullies

DonnaInk Publications Releases "TBI Guy's Learnin' Lessons: Dealing with Bullies" by J. R. Hatcher

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Marylandian -- DonnaInk Publications is excited to announce the latest addition to the TBI Guy's Learnin' Lessons series: Dealing with Bullies. Authored by J. R. Hatcher, this children's book delves into the day-to-day experiences that brain injury survivors encounter as they navigate life.

About the Book:

TBI Guy's Learnin' Lessons: Dealing with Bullies follows the journey of a young protagonist who faces bullying at school. Through relatable stories and engaging illustrations, readers learn valuable lessons about resilience, empathy, and standing up against bullies. J. R. Hatcher, a traumatic brain injury survivor himself, brings authenticity and insight to this important topic.

Key Themes:
  1. Empowerment: The book empowers children to recognize and address bullying behavior.
  2. Friendship and Support: It highlights the importance of friends, family, and community in overcoming challenges.
  3. Understanding Brain Injuries: Readers gain insight into the unique experiences of brain injury survivors.

About the Author:

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J. R. Hatcher is a passionate advocate for brain injury awareness. His personal journey informs his writing, and he aims to educate readers about the realities of being a TBI survivor. Despite remarkable recovery, J. R. recognizes that brain injury survivors face ongoing challenges. His mission is to foster empathy and understanding through storytelling.

Fundraiser: TBI Guy's Learnin' Lessons

In conjunction with the book release, a GoFundMe campaign titled TBI Guy's Learnin' Lessons (https://www.gofundme.com/f/tbiguyslearninlessons/donate) has been launched. The fundraiser aims to support brain injury survivors, raise awareness, and provide resources for education and rehabilitation. Donations are welcome to help further this important cause.


TBI Guy's Learnin' Lessons: Dealing with Bullies is available in paperback format on DonnaInk Publications (https://www.donnaink.shop/product-page/tbi-guy-s-learnin-lessons-dealin-with-bullies) and other major online retailers.

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About DonnaInk Publications:

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