Med-Bev Welcomes Mark Andrews as Its Partner and Spokesperson for Its Natural Diabetic-Friendly Drink Mix

Mark Andrews, NFL Pro Bowl Player speaks on why he partnered and drinks Med-Bev as part of his daily routine
HACKENSACK, N.J., May 9, 2024 ~ Baltimore, MD - Med-Bev, a leading health and wellness company, has announced their newest partnership with Baltimore Ravens tight end, Mark Andrews. As a professional football player managing Type 1 diabetes, Andrews understands the unique challenges of staying hydrated while performing at the highest level. He has chosen to partner with Med-Bev and become a spokesperson for their Natural Diabetic-Friendly Drink Mix.

Med-Bev's Natural Diabetic-Friendly Drink Mix is a convenient solution for individuals looking to manage their blood sugar without sacrificing taste or convenience. With zero sugar, two carbs, and only ten calories per serving, this scientifically formulated mix provides essential nutrients and electrolytes for diabetic-friendly hydration.

Founder of Med-Bev, Larry Edinger, expressed his excitement about the partnership stating, "At Med-Bev, we are dedicated to empowering individuals with diabetes to live life to the fullest by offering natural beverages that prioritize health and wellness without compromising on taste." He also highlighted the drink mix's benefits of being sugar-free without artificial ingredients and low in sodium.

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To celebrate this collaboration and promote their groundbreaking product, Med-Bev is offering a special promotion. Customers can visit and use the code MARK ANDREWS at checkout to receive a 10% discount and free shipping. This not only allows customers to enjoy savings but also shows support for Andrews' commitment to raising awareness about diabetes management.

Andrews himself spoke about his excitement for this partnership saying, "As someone who manages diabetes while playing at the highest level of professional football, I know firsthand the importance of proper nutrition and hydration." He believes that partnering with Med-Bev will make a real difference in the lives of people with diabetes by helping them stay healthy and active. In addition to being a spokesperson for the brand, Andrews has also taken an equity position in the company as a reflection of his deep commitment to its mission and success.

Med-Bev's Natural Diabetic-Friendly Drink Mix comes in a variety of delicious flavors such as Berry Lemonade, Limeade, and Peach Iced Tea, ensuring there is an option for every taste preference. Whether you're gearing up for a workout or simply looking for a flavorful beverage to enjoy throughout the day, Med-Bev has you covered.

For more information about Med-Bev and to take advantage of the exclusive discount using Mark Andrews' name at checkout, visit today. Customers can also contact Larry Edinger at 201-500-1599 with any questions or comments. With this partnership, Med-Bev and Mark Andrews are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of individuals managing diabetes by providing them with a tasty and healthy hydration option.
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