2024 B2B marketing trends in the health, food, technology, and sustainability industries

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From marketers, for marketers: 2024 B2B Insights on AI, budget allocation, and content strategies in Health, Food, Tech, and Sustainability

AMSTERDAM - Marylandian -- Norvell Jefferson publishes 2024 B2B marketing trends report

Norvell Jefferson's 2024 B2B marketing trends report shines a light on the latest trends in the health, food, technology, and sustainability industries. The report offers a thorough analysis of recent developments in B2B marketing, enriched with insights from marketers in Europe and the United States. Norvell Jefferson provides a fresh perspective on current trends and data-driven insights. This report is an essential source for B2B marketers, combining insights and relevance. It details the strategies B2B marketers will use in the coming year and addresses challenges arising from economic fluctuations and increasing market competition.

Interesting key insights

B2B marketers and economic uncertainty and technological development

In a world that's quickly evolving with non-stop technological progress, B2B marketers are facing considerable challenges. They need to be creative with their budgets while also staying ahead with technology. Finding this balance is key to keeping teams productive and maintaining a strong relationship with the sales department.

AI and current adoption in the B2B marketing world

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AI and automation are causing significant changes in B2B marketing, particularly around content creation and writing. However, there are concerns about privacy and accuracy, which may slow down adoption. It remains a challenge for B2B marketers to effectively integrate these trends into their marketing strategies.

The relationship between client and agency in B2B

As technology and AI become increasingly important, the balance between internal teams and external agencies is changing. This shift has a significant impact on the pursuit of innovation, quality improvement, and brand strengthening.

What was the reason to create the 2024 B2B marketing trends report?

Managing Partner Peter Peeters
: "In a world that's constantly changing, it's crucial to keep up with market trends. We aim to understand the challenges and growth goals of our clients. That's why we created this marketing trend report. As a creative marketing agency, we view ourselves as proactive partners who think along co-creatively with our clients. This report is part of that collaboration, helping us navigate the complexities of marketing and communication with our clients."

Partner & Creative Director Jurriaan Eversdijk: "In B2B, sensing what's happening is key to identifying truly important trends for our target audience. Many reports feature innovations that are too complex for B2B, mainly due to the complex internal structures and market dynamics. That's why we wanted to offer a new perspective, focusing on what's genuinely relevant, making the trends more practical and useful for B2B marketers."

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What are your thoughts on the use of AI in the current B2B landscape?

Partner & Creative Director Jurriaan Eversdijk
: "The rapid development of AI in recent years is amazing, but it comes with challenges. Understanding what's effective is key. I see AI as an inevitable addition for companies to maintain a higher quality standard. Agencies can play a supporting role in refining AI processes to avoid the pitfall of quantity over quality. As social channels are overloaded with content, real creativity becomes increasingly important. We can play a key role along with clients and technology."

Managing Partner Peter Peeters: "We are in a phase where AI is more about exploring and inspiring rather than fully producing complete content. AI is useful for basics like simple texts and images, but it's far from replacing the creative work humans do. There are still concerns about its accuracy and safety. We might overestimate AI's short-term impact but underestimate its long-term potential in marketing. Our role as an agency is to select AI tools that truly add value for our clients."

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The full report is available for download at the provided https://www.norvelljefferson.com/b2b-marketing-trends-2024

Merel Roelofs, Client Service Director

Source: Norvell Jefferson

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