Empowerment in Action: Boss on a Budget Launches a Membership Society for Nonprofits Seeking Funding

Unlock the secrets to successful fundraising and sustainable growth with the guidance of experienced mentors and peers

CLINTON, Md. - Marylandian -- Award-Winning Social Worker and Founder of Boss on a Budget, Tiffany Allen, announces the official launch of the Activate Your Purpose and Profit Society, a first-of-its-kind online community that empowers and guides new and small nonprofit founders on their journey to funding their organizations. The society offers a unique combination of expert mentorship, peer support, and actionable resources to help leaders navigate the challenging yet rewarding world of nonprofit fundraising.

New and small organizations often lack the financial resources and established networks of larger nonprofits, leaving their founders feeling isolated and unsure of how to navigate the complex world of fundraising. This supportive community provides a platform for them to find their voice, gain confidence and build the skills they need to secure funding while turning their visions into reality. The Society brings together a dynamic group of aspiring leaders who share similar struggles and triumphs, creating a powerful support system where accountability fosters real progress.

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"Building a nonprofit from the ground up can feel overwhelming, especially when finances are tight," says Allen, a sought-after coach and consultant who has helped numerous organizations raise thousands for their causes. "I learned through my own startup nonprofit journey of setbacks and failures, how to use the most effective strategies to obtain seed funding and have sustainable revenue."

Recognizing a critical gap in the nonprofit landscape, the Society offers valuable support to nonprofit leaders in not only funding, but also providing a sense of community among smaller, under-resourced organizations across the country. Members gain access to a wealth of resources, including curated workshops, fundraising toolkits, and exclusive networking opportunities with professionals and like-minded peers. Through this community, members learn how to improve fundraising, build donor relationships, and apply for grants.

Tiffany Allen is a seasoned nonprofit startup expert with over 8 years of experience helping nonprofit organizations achieve their financial goals. As a coach, consultant, and speaker, she empowers leaders to develop strategic fundraising plans, secure impactful grants, and build sustainable funding models. Tiffany's passion lies in supporting early-stage nonprofits, and Boss on a Budget is her passion to empower a new generation of changemakers.

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Enrollment for the Purpose Profit Society opens Friday, March 1, 2024 for nonprofit founders and board members who are ready to learn how to raise money so they can impact their communities. For more information, visit www.purposeprofitsociety.com.

For more information about Boss on a Budget, visit https://www.bossonabudget.com

Tiffany Allen

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