Dogcare Expands Into The Cat Industry With The CATCARE Heated Bed

The Start-Up Pet Product Brand, Dogcare, Announces Newest Product: The CATCARE Heated Cat Bed

ROCKVILLE, Md. - Marylandian -- The CATCARE Heated Cat bed, Dogcare's newest venture, has officially been released. This is the first cat product for the pet product brand, as it expands into the cat industry.

The Cat Bed has a graphene heating cushion and cave design, providing comfort, privacy and security, which are all essential to a cat's happiness and relaxation. The Cat Bed works using infrared heating technology.

When infrared heating waves touch a surface, heat energy is released. Traditional heating methods uses electricity to heat the bed itself, working from the outside in. When you remove a typical heating bed, the heat quickly goes away.

The infrared heating technology in the Cat Bed works by transferring heat from the bed to your cat, penetrating through the skin and producing a warming effect from the inside out. Infrared heating is safe and a healthy option for your cat. The Cat Bed temperature will reach between 82-89 degrees but may not feel very warm to the human hand touch - that's because infrared heating technology can't accurately be measured by using a hand to measure temperature. Your cat will feel very warm when inside or near the Cat Bed.

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The Cat Bed is washable, scratch-resistant and is easily collapsible, making it perfect for storage and transportation. It retails for $49.99 and is available on Amazon and Chewy.

About Dogcare

Dogcare believes that the power of technology can bring more happiness to pet owners around the world. Dogcare devotes itself to research on pet psychology and uses advanced technology to develop the perfect products that owners and their pets will love. Over the last four years, Dogcare's products and services have helped millions of families, all over the world, build better relationships with their pets. For more information, visit and follow Dogcare on Facebook, Instagram and subscribe on Youtube.

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Source: Blaze PR
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