Automotive, Industrial Mechanics Will Have a New Best Friend in PitBull Pliers from GEARWRENCH

The new GEARWRENCH Pitbull Auto-Bite Tongue-and-Groove Pliers (left) and Pitbull K9 Straight Jaw Tongue-and-Groove Pliers (right) provide superior grip and comfort for the user. The new GEARWRENCH Pitbull Pliers are available with dipped handles (as shown here) for easy cleaning or with dual-material comfort grip handles for a more comfortable grip. The cross-hatched design helps GEARWRENCH Pitbull Pliers provide superior grip, while laser-hardened edges simultaneously reduce cut force and increase cut life.
SPARKS, Md., Jan. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Pliers are among the hand tools that automotive and industrial mechanics use every day. That doesn't mean they have to be mundane. Instead, GEARWRENCH is proud to unleash its new line of PitBull Pliers designed with features and functionality that will quickly turn them into a mechanic's best friend.

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"Professional technicians we talked to said that the most important things they looked for in their pliers are grip and cutting ability," said Jarrett Wolf, product manager for GEARWRENCH. "We know they're cutting day in and day out and we know that grip is critical to getting the job done. Those two goals are at the core of everything we put into our PitBull Pliers."

GEARWRENCH PitBull Pliers include 38 individual products and six sets. This complete range of options ensures professionals have the right pliers for whatever the job needs.


Auto-Bite Tongue & Groove Pliers

The PitBull Auto-Bite Tongue & Groove Pliers (available in dual-material comfort grip handles) are designed for easy one-handed use. With a squeeze of the handles, the jaws automatically adjust for a precise fit. The thumb-operated Auto-Bite lever doesn't protrude like push-button pliers do, giving them an extremely slim profile for even greater access. Auto-Bite pliers are available in 6-, 8-, 10-, and 12-inch sizes, as well as a four-piece set.

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K9 Tongue & Groove Pliers
The PitBull K9 Tongue & Groove Pliers (dual-material or dipped handles) feature the innovative K9 jaw system with teeth that can grip and turn with up to a 35-degree offset angle. The narrow profile provides 40% greater access than the competition.


Professional technicians can now cut with 35% less force thanks to the pivot-forward design and laser-hardened cutting edges of all four GEARWRENCH PitBull Solid-Joint Pliers (linesman, long-nose, universal and diagonal). The innovative designs also translate to 50% longer cutting life, meaning techs aren't replacing their pliers over and over once they've gone dull. All four styles are available in both dual-material comfort grip handles or dipped handles for easy cleaning.

Designed with a cross-hatched jaw for better grip, a fish tape channel for flat steel fish tapes and a reaming head for deburring pipes.

Designed with a cross-hatched jaw for better grip, a fastener grip area to turn nuts and fasteners, and a nail/wire holder right on the jaws.

Designed with a cross-hatched jaw for better grip, a crimping joint for crimping non-insulated connectors, and a fastener grip area to turn nuts and fasteners.

Designed with a 20-degree angle for flush cutting and a reaming head for deburring pipes.

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All PitBull Pliers feature pinch-stop design to prevent blood blisters brought on by pinching handles. For more information, visit

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